2nd Chance Coalition

About Us

The Minnesota Second Chance Coalition is a nonpartisan coalition of over 50 organizations who advocate for fair and responsible laws and policies that allow those who have committed crimes and served their sentences to fully support themselves and their families, and contribute to their communities to their full potential. The Minnesota Council on Crime and Justice serves as our fiscal agent, but we are an independent coalition, fully reliant on our members’ dues and volunteer contributions for ongoing support.


What We Do
The Minnesota Second Chance Coalition and its member organizations have effected significant policy change while increasing awareness and visibility of second chance issues on a local and national level. We do that through year-round education and awareness building efforts as well as advocacy at the Minnesota State Capital and seats of local government.

The Minnesota Second Chance Coalition has been a leader in efforts to provide a fair opportunity to those seeking a second chance. We have worked in areas such as employment and hiring practices, reforming policies regarding access to criminal records and expungement, reforming juvenile records access, drug sentencing reform and restoring voting rights to those being released from incarceration.

Strength in Numbers — The Second Chance Coalition is a “big tent” organization. We are comprised of hundreds of individuals, social service nonprofits, victims’ rights groups, attorneys and law enforcement representatives, religious and education-focused groups and of course those seeking a second chance, their families and loved ones. The Coalition has become a powerful model in bringing together organizations willing to pool their time, talent, and resources while driving mission-based change.